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Announcement of Centennial Eagle Scout Award patch for 2012

October 14, 2011

Many of you likely already follow the “Bryan on Scouting Blog”. Bryan Wendell, the senior editor of Scouting magazine, regularly blogs with the latest BSA news and information, program ideas and tips for leaders, prize contests and more. (To be entirely honest, his blog inspired the creation of the “Trailmarker Blog”). From time to time they post something on their blog that we simply can’t help but pass on to you. You don’t want to miss this:

To celebrate the centennial of Scouting’s top honor, all recipients of the Eagle Scout Award in the year 2012 will be eligible to wear a special version of the red, white, and blue badge, seen here.

Click here to read more about it at the original blog post.

Reading this story made me curious to know more about Arthur Rose Eldred, the first Eagle Scout. Not only is the Wikipedia Article on Mr. Eldred a good read, but this historical newspaper article was also a lot of fun to read. I found it interesting that at the time of his award, the newly organized BSA totaled 300,000 Scouts, and in one year’s time the national BSA awarded only 141 total merit badges to approximately 50 Scouts.

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